All The Thoughts I Had While Watching Mulan Recently

Lion King is my favourite Disney movie (Hakuna Matata) but Mulan is my favourite Disney princess- so yeah, I’m fond of watching both movies quite regularly, which is essentially what I live for. So, as we’re gearing up for the live action remake of both movies, it felt like a good time to watch them again. Things are moving along smoothly for the live action version of Mulan – Liu Yifei has been cast as the titular character and Niki Caro is currently attached to direct but I’m here just waiting to find out who will be cast Li Shang – My bae.


Anyway, it made sense for me to watch it again. As with every movie from our childhoods, there were definitely some things I missed while watching it when I was younger. I have no critiques because I could never bring myself to say something bad about Mulan. With a movie like Mulan, there’s always a lot that could be said on it. Even an academic paper can be written on it.  While I have no critiques, I do have some thoughts….Here are all the thoughts I had while watching Mulan recently.


1. First of, cricket is to blame for Multan at the match maker (I know no one is disputing this, I just felt like saying it).

2. Mulan’s father just makes me so happy and her grandma is all the goals.

3. So…how different would Mulan have been if Mushu actually woke up the great stone dragon. Would have probably been over in ten minutes,

4.  Also…. Is no one going to address the fact that Mushu basically murdered the great stone dragon? I’m all for sweeping problems under the rug but this is ridiculous.

5. Mushu is sassy AF… with his constant bad advice. Love it.

6. Li Shang is the ultimate bae. Go and argue with your landlord if you disagree.

7. Chi Foo a reminder that they will always be people who you life who determined to see you fail for no just reason at all.

8. You can see some of Li Shang’s idealism when his character is introduced. It’s kinda cute.

9. Why are the soldier’ armors different in color…. I should probably read on that.

10. If it weren’t for Mushu, the Huns would have never known where Li Shang’s troop were nearby….and would have probably taken the army longer to figure out Mulan/Ping was a woman

11. Chi Foo is just an evil bastard. This needed to be said again.

12. He was too eager to see Mulan be killed, abeg.

13. A life for a life, my debt is related. Yaaaaaas. Coolest line ever.

14. Khan, Mulan’s horse is loyal AF. I need to get me one of those

15. “And what are you… A sheep?” ??? Mushu had the best lines in this movie.

16. The Huns remind me of the wildlings…. Separated from the rest of the kingdom by a wall.

17. The flair Yao, Chien Po and Ling had when they dressed up as women….. Damn son. Cannot be rivaled.

18. Where did they get a wig for Chien post?

19. I would have loved to see Shang in make up and a dress sha. For curiosity reasons….yes, I have problems ???

20. “No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it” translation: go fuck yourself. Lol, I saw that somewhere sha.

21. I love how Shan Yu (the bad guy) loves being a mad guy…you can immediately tell he loves being the boogeyman kids are afraid of. The monster under your bed

22. At 1:14:00 minute mark in the movie, Mushu makes two men jump off the palace tower, basically to their death… Are we just not going to admit that at this point, he’s a serial killer (also count Mulan’s ancestor he was charged to protect), Dude got beheaded yoooo

23. Let’s hope they survived sha

24. Bow Chi Foo boooooow. Loved this

25. You don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty….. LMAO, the emperor’s better act right, boy‘s face was epic

Bonus thought: Grandma is the real og. Really.

Sooo…that’s it. This is basically everything that ran though my mind while watching (and loving Mulan) recently. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to watch Lion King pretty soon.

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