Thor: Ragnarok’s New Trailer is Here to Get You Hyped Up

Have you seen the new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok? Basically, Marvel takes things to a whole new level.

It’s going down at comic con and movies, television shows and studios are bringing their best to showcase – and that is exactly what happened with the Thor Ragnarok trailer.

You can watch the trailer here:

Can we just appreciate the fact that Hulk says more than one word a minute here? I love it. The Hulk has always been a complex character and Banner’s relationship with the Black Widow has been one the movies leant into since the first Avengers movie. So seeing his relationship with another character in the team being explored is definitely an enjoyment and a necessity.  He’s always had this sort-of fun back and forth relationship with Thor in the movies (just as he has with Wolverine in the animations, but let’s not get into that). This version of Hulk comes with so much shade for Thor at his fingertips, though. Absolutely Delightful.

And then the new trailer serves up some Loki goodness. I like Loki’s anti-hero journey. He reminds me a little bit of Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, or is it the other way round. You know better than to trust them but somehow, you always need them and they always have what you need.

You just know Tom Hiddleston is going to kill it in this. Hey, he may not have been born to play James Bond but he was definitely born to play Loki

one thing we learn from this trailer though is that Thor’s powers definitely will evolve and dear God, this will be crazy useful in Avngers: Infinty War.

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Are you glad or not that Marvel decided to lean more into Thor’s hilarious side? I am. Look at all that comedic straw they could have spun to gold since. Clearly, Chris Hemsworth was born to do comedies; remember him in the Ghostbusters reboot?

I just have one question though…where’s Darryl? We need to know!

And then there’s Valkyrie, looking like all kinds of snacks. Aren’t you just glad Tessa Thompson was cast in this? Valkyrie looks like a complete bad ass in her white and silver armour.

In the comics, she was the leader of the Valkryior – the Asgardian group of warriors that were selected by Odin to bring the spirits of dead warriors to Valhalla. In the trailer, we see a shot of Valkryie leading the Valkryior into battle against Hela.

In an interview with ComingSoon, Tessa Thompson offers this bit of information about her character:

 “In a way, you find her in a place where she’s fallen from grace, I think. I won’t say exactly why, but she’s left Asgard and left that life behind her, and a part of what she’s left behind her is this desire to fight for something that she believes in. And so, I think there’s something really neat about meeting Thor and hopefully that spirit being reinvigorated in her, because it’s so essential to who she is, I think, in the source material.”

I know people are complaining that the new movie feels more like Guardians of the Galaxy than it does Thor. But here’s the thing though, Thor is set in another realm so basically, anything that can happen is allowed to happen. There are no rules for how this is done.

With the Thor mythos in mind, remember that Asgard has been destroyed by Hela, so it does not make sense for the feel of that universe to remain the same when Asgard barely exists.

I assure you, if given the chance, the same people complaining are the people that will sit down in the cinema and enjoy the movie. It has Thor at his humorous best, Hulk looking like a weird Channing Tatum CGI, lol, and Cate Blanchett as the Big Bad…what’s not to enjoy?

Thor: Ragnarok will be showing in cinemas on the 3rd of November, 2017.

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