‘The Munsters’ Is Getting A Reboot

The absolutely hilarious Seth Meyers is working on rebooting the 1960s TV series – The Munsters.

The plot of the original sitcom:

“The family at 1313 Mockingbird Lane is a little… different. Dad Herman looks like Frankenstein’s monster; mom Lily and her dad, Grandpa, are vampires; and son Eddie is a werewolf. Poor Marilyn, their niece, is the odd one out — she’s just a normal girl. And the family doesn’t like to call attention to her ‘unfortunate’ looks.

Despite the novel approach of the family’s being (mostly) supernatural creatures (except for niece Marilyn, who is “normal”), the show followed the typical family sitcom formula of the era—the well-meaning father, the nurturing mother, the eccentric live-in relative, the naïve teenager and the precocious kid.”

This isn’t the first time a revival of the series has been attempted. Even Bryan Fuller attempted to bring the series back to life in 2012. Unfortunately, despite Fuller’s creativity, the revival was not successful.

Seth Meyers has definitely proved that he has the comedic chops to handle a project of this magnitude from his time on SNL to his current gig – Late Night With Seth Meyers

Monsters are having a sort of comeback with the success of The Mummy and Universal pictures trying to build a shared universe around them.

I never heard of the original show till now, considering it came out in the 1960s; but I am rooting for Seth Meyers and the plot sounds funny as hell, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.

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