‘The Defenders’ Is Only A Few Days Away… Do Your Happy Dance

The Defenders is only four days away people, set your reminders.In a few days, the long awaited Netflix show will be premiering. Hope you’re ready to binge watch because as with Netflix, the entire season will drop at once.

Our favourites – Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Matt Murdock and Danny Rand will all share the screen together as they tackle one big threat. Meanwhile, I’m just waiting to see Frank Castle (The Punisher).

The series will also feature other characters like – Elektra, Claire Temple, Misty Knight, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Jeri Hogarth, Colleen Wing, Trish Walker and the formidable Madame Gao.

The Defenders is also going to set up the next seasons of each show and the upcoming Punisher series.

With Friday just a few days away, promotion for the show has gone up a notch; there’s even a countdown on the website for Netflix subscribers to get people excited.

Are you excited for it? I am…but is there anything I’m not excited for these days… ??? I take my joys where I can get them.

Here’s the trailer for the Defenders if you were looking for something get you excited today:

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