Tade Ogidan Has A New Movie Coming Out – Are You Here For It?

Did you watch Diamond Ring when you were young? I did. And it was just absolutely terrifying to little ol’ me back then. This was the time of Karashika, Most Wanted, Domitilla and those proper old school nollywood movies.

If I remember correctly, the movie was about a group thieves who rob the grave a recently deceased woman (played by Liz Benson), stealing all her jewellery including the titular diamond ring. The upset ghost of the disturbed corpse (very rightly) begins to haunt the thieves.

The movie featured Liz Benson, Sola Sobowale, RMD and Bimbo Akintola – among many others.

That was 19 years ago. Today, the film maker that brought us Diamond Ring, Tade Ogidan, is reuniting RMD and Madam Sola again. Let’s not forget that the duo starred in the critically acclaimed The Wedding Party and will be starring in the sequel together.

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This will be Tade Ogidan’s first movies in six years. Gold Statue is rumored to have cast a host of Nollywood heavyweights, so you know the movie is about to be lit. Other cast Members include Tina Mba, Segun Arinze, Ali Baba, Norbert Young and Femi Durojaiye.

The movie, Gold Statue, tells the adventures of two men, Wale and Chike, as they search for a gold statue that is believed to be a god. Much of the plot takes place as the pair try to find the deity, going through ups and downs and some unbelievably ridiculous situations.

The film is officially being slated as a dramedy. The main characters, Wale will be played by Gabriel Afoloyan while Chike Will be played by Kunle Remi.

What do you think? The plot doesn’t give much away but with a pedigree like Tade’s and the cast lined up. How can you know be excited? Especially with the fact that both RMD and Sola have been choosing some really excellent movies recently to add to their repertoire.

Me, I’m just trying to be cautiously excited about the whole thing. But let’s be real, I’ll see anything RMD is in.

Besides, when has Kunle Remi ever disappointed any of you with his movie choice?

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