Squid Game Has Been Renewed for Season 2

One of the most watched Netflix drama series Squid Game has been renewed by the streamer. The show’s highly anticipated renewal was officially announced by Netflix on Twitter on the 12th of June.

Squid Game, which was Netflix’s biggest series launch, followed four hundred and fifty-six (456) contestants risking their lives to take part in a series of children’s games with deadly stakes, for a chance to win an ultimate prize of 45.6 billion won. The series was an immediate fan favorite thanks to its intelligent social backdrop that spotlighted the income inequality that goes on, not only in South Korea but around the world and the kind of desperation individuals with no means of income to manage their cost of living have for financial gains are faced with. It also depicts how desperation could lead to a dangerous path with little or no survival rate.

Squid Game also provides a clear message that people cannot succeed without the help of others. Its overall themes, expert handling of its subject matter, and high stakes endeared it to viewers around the world, who all waited with bated breaths for the Season 2 renewal. And now, at last, they have it.

In a recent interview, Hwang Dong Hyuk is the South Korean producer and director Squid Game teased the second season, assuring fans, “There will be games in the second season”. Additionally, fans can rest easy knowing Lee Jung Jae, who played the lead will return alongside Lee Byung-hun who played the Frontman, and Gong Yoo. When asked about the possibility of having a third season, said the show’s director admitted to not being certain, stating “maybe or maybe not”, calling it a 50:50.

To reinforce its success, Squid Game received fourteen nominations at the 74th Emmy Awards; in the process, making history as the first-ever Non-English Language series to be nominated for the Outstanding Drama Series Category.

With the series renewed for a second season, it is expected to air late 2023 or early 2024. However, a date is yet to be announced. Considering how the first season ended and the teases we already have for the second season, it will be interesting to see the heights and depths the second season will take viewers to.


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