I Love The Show ‘Scorpion’, I’ll Try To Explain Why

When I first saw the trailer for Scorpion years ago, I never bothered giving it a shot – I was totally and completely sure that I wouldn’t like it and It would get cancelled soon. Every now and again, I see it airing on television but I’ve never paid attention and was pretty sure it wasn’t my cup of tea – I’m very picky when it comes to procedurals and a lot of them out there have pretty much the same premise and plot lines anyway so its hard for one to stand out.

Fast forward to years later, the present, where I have just finished binge-watching Elementary and have no other procedural to watch since Castle and Mentalist went off the air. People have been telling me to try Lucifer but I was actually waiting for Deception to air. (Deception is your typical police-consultant procedural but this time the consultant is a magician).

Anyway, since I was bored, I just decided to try Scorpion, I was pretty sure it was going to be forgettable and I’ll just start and forget about it when Deception comes on; but here’s the thing, since I started Scorpion, I haven’t been able to stop. Now, I’ve actually lost interest in Deception – I don’t know why that bums me out though, I was actually looking forward to seeing some cool magic tricks.

I recognize Scorpion for what it is though, your regular run of the mill police procedural with archetype characters and the occasional predictable plotlines….but I don’t know ?????? It just works for me, I can’t explain it.


When I started the show, I had a problem with Paige. Here me out, I actually really like Katharine McPhee was happy to see her in this but I didn’t really see her purpose or function in the group. I like that this was actually addressed in one of the early episodes and she has since found her footing in the show. I’m glad she serves more of a function that just being a love interest for Walter (the lead character).

I love Happy Quinn. Love her. She’s the bad ass chic that can get anything done – a mechanical prodigy that mostly likes to hit things and people – I may not be a mechanical prodigy but trust me, I resonate with her on so many levels.

And then there’s Sylvester, my sweet boo-bear (yes, I actually call him that, watch the show and you’ll see understand why). Sylvester is so afraid of the world and thanks to his high emotional quotient, he just feels things a lot more intensely. I actually feel the need to always want to protect him. So, I find myself getting upset when Walter puts Sylvester in situations that are too anxious for him.

That’s another thing about Scorpion, it makes me feel things. Here’s the thing, when we watch most shows (excluding Game Of Thrones), especially procedurals like these, you’re never worried about anything bad actually happening to the lead characters because you know they’ll still survive no matter how dire the situations are. But with Scorpion, for whatever reason, even though I know the characters are going to survive – my heart still races every time they are in trouble. Every. Single. Time. I love it.

Speaking of making me feels things – ugh, I can’t remember the last time I shipped any television couple as hard as I ship Happy and Toby – Make it Happen! Well, considering the show is already in its fourth season and I’m just starting the first season, I’m confident they will get together. Still, I want them together so bad, I literally look forward to it.

Oh, I remember the last time I shipped a television couple so hard – Jon Snow and Daenerys…You know what I’m talking about ??

Then there’s Walter – the show’s lead. I love him because he looks nothing like the real Walter O’Brien. It’s just funny.

And the fact that the entire show is based on the real Walter O’Brien’s claims that he has a 197 IQ when there’s no proof of this. Most people around the world call his claims ‘bullshit’ since he has staunchly refused to take another IQ test to prove his claims. It’s so messy, I’m here for it. Not even just that, he claimed to have been arrested by the Department of Homeland Security when he was a child for hacking NASA, but there has never been a record of the claimed NASA hack and The Department of Homeland Security did not exist when he claimed to have been arrested considering it was formed as a response to the 9/11 attacks. See? Messy. ?? Also, even though Walter is supposed to be this super practical genius, he is actually very impulsive – which I love, I find his impulsiveness very adorable. Can’t help it.

Also, despite the proof in the pudding (the show), I have a hard time buying Walter as a socially-dysfunctional genius that can’t relate to normal people to the point he needs a translator in Paige. I but him as an awkward genius, yes; but not to the extent that he can’t relate with people. So yeah, I actually enjoy watching the show push that narrative on us….and not quite succeeding (IMO).

And then there’s Agent Cabe Gallo, the show’s Homeland Agent – basically, the stuff that all ‘zaddies’ out there are made off ??

At the end of the day, it all just really works for me. I like the pacing of the episodes, I love the characters and I’m more invested in this show than I should be. Get Happy And Toby Together. I would recommend it for anyone in a heartbeat. I’m glad I was wrong about this show, I hope it doesn’t get cancelled soon.

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