Leonardo DiCaprio Is About To Take On The Role Of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci’s story has been told quite often recently, including the critically acclaimed series – Da Vinci’s Demons. But Leonardo DiCaprio is going to take it a step further by bringing it to the big screen.

Leonardo Dicaprio will be playing the artist and inventor in an upcoming biopic. Telling the stories of real people in something Leonardo has become known for in his career and it is something he does very well. He has played Tobias Wolff, Jim Carroll, Arthur Rimbaud, Frank Abagnale Jr, J. Edgar Hoover, Hugh Glass and most famously, Jordan Belfort  (The Wolf of Wallstreet).

So basically, this is right up DiCaprio’s alley. Is he fishing for another Oscar? Why stop at one, shey?

Unfortunately though, before you start getting excited – it might be a few years before we get to see the movie considering that the book it is going to be based on has not yet been published.

Either way, definitely something to look forward to.

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