Legends Of Tomorrow’s Second Season Finale: Something Of A Review

If there’s one thing we know about the titular characters of Legends of Tomorrow – it’s that they are exceedingly bad at time travel. Honestly, they are absolute shit at it. However, what I love about the second season of the series is that they have accepted the fact that they are no good it and are simply just running wild with it.

I just watched the finale of the second season to prepare for the upcoming third season and I l have to say – day well spent.

This season of the show does not take itself too seriously, it’s delightful, campy and fun and if you’re watching it, it’s best not to think of the logistics and technicalities of the ‘science’ in this science fiction show or you might just ruin it for yourself.

In the finale, the team returns to an event they already participated in – which could lead to time collapsing in on itself.

In the episode prior to this – a major character died – but in this final episode, we witness a lot of our favorites die as well. Which was an odd thing for me because even though I knew in some way, they would all be returning and I wasn’t worried…I was still pretty emotional about it.

I loved the interaction between the characters and former versions on themselves, especially the interactions of the two Sarahs.

The finale was a well-written fun episode, which shows us just how much the series has come from the first season. I randomly found myself missing Hawkgirl this episode. I love that Amaya also decided to stay on with the team instead of returning to Zambesi (even though its only temporary).

We also see Sarah’s growth as a character, a sister and a leader. She is finally coming to terms with Laurel’s death and cutting herself some slack when it comes to her assassin past as well – she deserves it.

However, at the end of it all, the team eventually ‘broke’ time as a result of interacting with their past selves in an event they already participated in…because honestly – this just had to happen; All their meddling with time, this could not be avoided.

They land in in Los Angeles 2017 at the end of the episode, only there are dinosaurs in LA and futuristic buildings…basically a melting pot of different facets of time.

The finale does an excellent job, setting up for the next season which will be premiering on the 10th of October 2017.

Will you be tuning in?

You can catch the trailer for the third episode here;

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