In Today’s Odd News: The Eggplant Emoji Is Getting A Movie

First, the eggplant emoji gets a vibrator and now it’s getting a movie because…why not? Apparently, that’s how Hollywood rolls now.

Okay, but I will say this – off all the pretty shitty ideas to come out of Hollywood (alongside the great ones), this is actually not the shittiest. It actually makes a bit of sense, especially considering the upcoming film, The Emoji Movie, which will probably be crazy successful whether we like it or not.

Emojis are literally everywhere, I personally cannot send a message without them but do we really two movies dedicated to them? Which emojis will be getting movies next? So many questions.

But what I really want to know is, will this Eggplant emoji movie be R-Rated. We saw the success Sausage Party (an R-Rated animation) had last year and we all know that whenever the eggplant emoji comes up in texts – it’s never a PG conversation going down; let’s be honest.

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And truth be told, if it’s going to be R-Rated then I’m here for it…watching it cautious optimism. But seriously though, what would a feature length film about the eggplant emoji be about? (I shudder at the images in my mind). But to answer that question, The official plot of the movie is: When a teenager accidentally cuts off his penis during a camping trip, he and his friends rush to save the appendage before it’s too late. Tbh, that’s a lot safer than what I had in mind.

The movie will be produced by Ben Stiller (who I’m unashamedly a fan of; see Zoolander get my drift) and Netflix. It will also be directed by Jake Szymanski, who gave us Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates – so probably proceed with caution.

There’s still no official release date for the movie but will you be watching when it does come out or are you tired of these silly movie ideas?

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