I’m Not Sure How I Feel About The First Episode Of The Second Season Of Inspector K

A while back, I saw the trailer for the second season of Inspector K, and so I came here and gushed about it. I was legitimately so excited about it even though I was not too crazy about the first season; the trailer held promise.

So yeah, I was looking forward to seeing Inspector K bigger and better than ever. Unfortunately, the episode I saw deflated my hopes. To me, despite all the promise it held – it still had the same problem I had with the entire first season, all the pieces didn’t quite add up.

Yes, it had a bigger budget, better writing, an impressive cast, better locations…but still, something was off. The jokes were clever and still somehow managed to fall flat.

I’m probably still going to watch the entire second season, hoping the show picks up, it’s not cool to judge the season based on one episode, although the first episode does set the pace for the rest of the season. I’m still keeping one hell of an open mind because, believe it or not, I really, want this show to work out. I want the writing, the acting and the jokes, everything, to fall smoothly into place.

I feel like if everything about this show falls into place it will be proof that the Nigerian audience are ready for something different and our filmmakers and showrunners are capable of delivering it.

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