In Case You Missed It – How To Get Away With Scandal: ?? It’s Finally Happening

Gather around sweeties: Aunty has some good news. You might have heard of this already but in case you haven’t, there’s FINALLY going to be a crossover between two of our favourite shows on ABC – How to get away with Murder and Scandal.

It’s about damn time!

While no official word has been given yet on when exactly it would go down, we can only imagine it’s going to be pretty soon considering Scandal is practically wrapped up.

?? We’ll miss you, Olivia Pope.

We have so many questions!

When this news came out almost a week ago, I immediately started writing on it. But then I decided to wait for more information to come out so I could have a lot of content to work with. But guess what – there’s no new information for us. Shame.

There’s so much to unpack here still, right? Like, what could possibly bring these two together? What absolute shit storm of epic proportions has to go down that would require these two ladies to work together to fix it. Sounds juicy, right? Or would it be the one of them who needs the other’s help to fix an issue?

Will Olivia be a guest lecturer at Middleton University? I dont know ????. But I’m literally just too giddy imagining Annalise in the white house. Can you imagine her telling Fitz (or Mellie) off for one thing or the other?

Ugh, I know all these sound insane. But until they give us new information, I’m allowed to go as crazy with my speculations as I want goddamit.

Ok, now I’m a little sad that Wes did not get the chance to meet Olivia. How Unfair…. I need a monent. 

Well, now that we know all we know, there isn’t much we can do but wait till the more information is released. Let’s hope the episode comes pretty soon too.

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