How I Met Your Mother Spin off Is Getting Closer To Becoming A Reality

After How I Met Your Mother ended, the studio has been trying to recreate that success with a ‘How I Met Your Dad’ spinoff. Unfortunately, all its efforts have been unsuccessful. The ‘How I Met Your Dad’ series was first being developed in 2014, but that, unfortunately, led nowhere. So the studio went back to drawing board in 2016 but their efforts still remained unyielding – so to speak.

Well, that did not stop them and a new spinoff is currently being worked on and will be called ‘How I Met Your Father’. Alison Bennett, writer for You’re The Worst, has been tapped to work on the show.

As expected, this spinoff will feature a female lead telling her children how she met and fell in love with their father.

Let’s hope this time around they are successful, I was a huge fan of the original and while I am not certain that they will be able to capture the magic that made the first one such a hit, I am certain it will be fun to watch.

Interested? Or do you wish studios should stop milking their good ideas? ??‍??‍??‍

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