Hiram Lodge Is Easily The Most Interesting Character On The Second Season Of Riverdale

Riverdale had an amazing freshman season, right? I was understandably cautious when ‘Riverdale’ was first announced, especially because I read that the producers wanted to go dark with the ol’ Archie gang, I couldn’t understand how it would work…but it did. It worked really well.

After that cliffhanger ending to the first season, the second season was understandably highly anticipated. And it is safe to say, the second season met expectations and it seems to be getting better with each episode.

This season is darker than the first, mostly because the first season had the team trying to figure out who killed Jason. Now, they’re dealing with ‘The Black Hood’- he shot Fred, killed Ms. Grundy, shot Moose and Midge and has promised there will be more upheaval. Not only that – Jingle Jangle (a new ‘gutter drug’) has come to Riverdale.

So this season is not only dealing with a killer on the loose, Kevin exploring his sexuality…but there’s also a backdrop of drugs and gang violence (The Southside serpents vs The Ghoulies).

As if that isn’t enough, there’s…Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s father.

First of all, That man is fine!!!! Secondly, he’s creepy AF.

It’s apparent that the newly released  Mr. Lodge has an agenda that he’s working at and honestly, the fact that we know nothing about it is simply FRUSTRATING.

He clearly has Hermoine under his thumb, he’s even threatened her; he’s obviously manipulating Veronica, it’s just so wrong and now he has his sights set on Archie – to what end though? Ugh, so frustrating.

First, he agrees that Archie needs to do something in order to feel safer in Riverdale, and thus, The Red Circle was born. Then he suggests Archie uses scare tactics (just as the Black Hood is using) if he wants to be more effective. This led to Archie standing in front of a group of shirtless guys threatening the black hood in a video. The shirtless men were not necessary but they were appreciated)

The question is why? What does Hiram stand to gain from all this?

Is he going to be the big bad this season? Probably not. But it is apparent that he will play a major role this season.

A round of applause for Mark Consuelos though, he plays Hiram brilliantly – effectively displaying his charm and his subtle creepiness to equal effect. He makes you love the character despite rooting against him – it’s not easy to do.

This is why I think Hiram is easily the best addition to Riverdale this season because we’re only three episodes in and he already has us shook. What’s he going to do with the remaining episodes then, snatch our edges? I need an answer ???

There are currently a bunch of theories floating around about Hiram and his grand plan. But personally, I like to be surprised, so I’ll just wait to find out

Other things to note:

While this season is only getting better, there are some things they still need to work starting with JOSIE – we need to see more of her though. If they could find a way to make Reggie more relevant this season, they can do the same for the McCoy vixen. It’s a shame they don’t know what to do with her because not only is she an effing queen ??? but she also the potential to be such an interesting legitimate character.

I like Charles Melton – he’s pretty, but I’m not sure how I feel about the new Reggie just yet.

I also like Toni Topaz, but she better not mess with ‘Bughead’. Betty and Jughead are the dream team.

You can literally feel the show’s producers trying to make Archie more interesting, giving him more of an edge. To me, it’s a little forced but I like that they are taking initiative. Even though its an ensemble drama, Archie is supposed to be star of this ride, so yes, I’m all for making him more interesting. Just don’t make him a drug addict, that’s too cliche, he certainly deserves more than that.

Looking forward to seeing more dark Betty btw…this is legitimately all I need to make this season perfect.

Besides that, the second season of Riverdale is going spectacularly well, don’t you agree?

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