Hella Open: Insecure Continues To Impress Fans With New Season

The third episode of the second season of Insecure aired on Sunday. I had no plans of reviewing Insecure by episodes, I was going to wait till the end of the season and review the season as a whole, the way I did with the first season.

However, I just watched the third episode and I just had to because I was crazy happy for one reason and one reason alone – Lawrence got called the F out.


It’s not that I don’t like Lawrence, I do…but honestly, he has been behaving like a bitchboy all season long…well, so far; I really do want him to get his together.

So let’s begin…

This episode had some surprising guest stars – Sterling k. Brown, Luke James and Leon Thomas III.

Issa has finally come to terms with the fact that Lawrence isn’t coming back so she’s now officially back in the dating world again. Unfortunately, her first foray into the dating world doesn’t go as planned…simply because she literally can’t stop laughing. Really.

Also, things are looking up for ‘We Got Y’all’ as more students are attending their program but as Freida notes…it’s only black students the Vice Principal is sending their way despite the school being 86% Latino. I just know this is going to be a bigger problem down the line between Issa and Frieda and ‘We Got Y’all’, but for now, it’s not…so we’re moving on.

I like that this episode gives us a sneak peak at Molly’s parents – I mean not a lot has been said about them, we practically know nothing but that phone call gives us hope that Molly’s family background will be explored. I want more Molly!

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Really wanting to get back out there, Issa asks Molly to teach her “how to ho”, which Molly calls rude but then she obliges. It doesn’t take us long to realize that Issa is HORRIBLE at this and the only who is actually able to find a date that night is Molly, even though she wasn’t looking.

Sterling K. Brown plays Molly’s interest in this episode and people are hella excited. Although, unfortunately, things don’t work out between the pair because essentially, he’s a male version of season one Molly. In season one, Molly would have jumped on the chance to date him, but in season two she has grown – she’s now less relationship oriented and more career focused, which is definitely saying something considering she was seriously career focused to begin with. No one is saying you can’t have both, she’s just deciding to take it easier on the relationship front. This is a decision that will hopefully pay off for her in the future.

The good news for Lawrence is that he’s integrating into his new work place nicely, so Yay. The bad news is that Tasha finally sees through his bullshit – good for you, Tasha.

Earlier in the season, Tasha invited Lawrence to a family barbecue – he didn’t have to say yes..but he did. And then after showing up for a few minutes, he ditches her to go have drinks with his coworkers. Honestly, how do you think you’re a good person when you do something like this? It makes no sense whatsoever. He ghosted her after meeting all of her family, which, to be honest, must have been very embarrassing for her – she didn’t deserve that.

I didn’t like Tasha in the first season but in this second season, I feel for her. She’s caught up in Lawrence’s shit as he is trying to figure himself out. Like she told him, she knew they weren’t serious from the get-go but he felt the need to front like they were, no one asked him to. Maybe because he felt like that was the ‘good guy thing’ to do. Then after ditching her at the family barbecue, when she calls to check if he is okay, he chooses that time to tell her he is not looking for anything serious. Really, son?

But as Tasha eloquently puts it…he’s a ‘fuck-nigga’, but worse, ‘he’s a fuck-nigga who thinks he’s a good dude’. Yup, that about sums it up.

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I’m glad she saw through his BS.

On Issa’s front, she finally has casual, no-strings-attached type sex with her downstairs neighbour who apparently loves Gossip Girl. You can’t blame him though. For me, I really enjoyed their short dialogue about Gossip Girl – it was silly, random and the kinda conversation that can take place in the real world.

I also loved when Issa asked Molly if they could vacation out of the country and Molly admitted that Issa and Lawrence got ‘boo-ed up’ pretty quickly. This actually represents what happens in a lot of relationships – you meet, you fall in love and you forget to travel the world and do the things you want to do. And when the relationship is over, it feels like you were deprived of some of your wants and desires (even though you gave it up pretty easily).

All in all this was a great episode, Issa is single and is coming to terms with it; Molly is single and is accepting it…this is the first time both gof them are single at the time. They have one of the strongest female friendships on TV today so I’m excited for how this will play out.

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