Happy! Is One Of The Best New Shows – Here’s Why You Need To Be Watching

So, I’m not going to lie – this show is alot better than I expected it to be. It’s actually pretty cool in that weird, unconventional type of way. I actually remember watching the trailer and thinking, Okay, I’m not going to see that. Because I just couldn’t see how it would work and I was already watching too many shows. However, a friend convinced me to try it out and I have to say…WORTH IT.

So here’s the official synopsis for the show:

Nick Sax is an alcoholic ex-cop turned hitman who lives his days with drugs and cynicism. After he is shot and left for dead, he revives while in the care of paramedics and can now see a small, blue, goofy cartoonish winged horse named Happy. Happy is the imaginary friend of a little girl named Hailey, who has been kidnapped by a deranged man dressed as Santa Claus. Happy escapes to seek Nick’s help in finding her and reveals that Hailey is Nick’s estranged daughter. Nick reluctantly agrees and he and his new “partner” now must work together to save her.

Yes, it’s literally as deranged as it sounds…and it gets better.

While you might still be skeptical, here are 4 reasons to actually watch this show.


This happy-go-lucky unicorn will grow on you faster than you can say his name. Whether he is being the ever necessary beacon of optimism for Nick Sax or an imaginary animal high on a shit ton of cocaine (I told you this series was weird), you can’t help but love this little guy. He’s too adorable.


I love Merry even though she isn’t particularly a good person – but my reason is simple, there aren’t a lot of female characters written like this. For starters, she is not defined by her feminity. She may or may not have any morals, she isn’t sappy or some damsel in distress, she’s also little bit crooked and sometimes she wants to do the right thing – and all of that just combines well to make a wonderful character.

Mr Blue, Smoothie, Mr Bug – The Villians

From Smoothie to Mr Blue and even Mr Bug – they’re all pretty weird. Smoothie (played by the incredibly brilliant Patrick Fischler) genuinely loves torturing people – kids and sick old women included. He’s truly a sadistic f*ck whom Blue just loves to deploy for duty. Blue just wants to get what’s his – the password. What it unlocks, no one knows exactly – but he just wants it and he wants it ASAP.

If you think Smoothie is a case, then Blue takes the cake – he is willing to go through anything and anyone (even his sister) to get that freaking password. As demented as Blue is, he still answers to someone – Mr Bug – who literally dresses in a bug costume (I think that says enough).

No Damsels In Distress

This is my favourite part. Even though a key plot of the series has a young girl being kidnapped, Hailey is not some helpless child – she is able to stand up to her kidnappers, stand up for her fellow kidnapped children and even incite an attempted break out. She might be young, but she clearly has hero material in her blood.

And then there’s Amanda, Hailey’s mom, proves to be a bad ass when the moment calls for it – from figuring out the actual brains behind the kidnapping, to fighting off armed men in her house and even punching Merry, our tough-as-nails cop. Amanda delivers! That is all!

Be Warned!!! This show is not for everyone – it’s just for people who like to see weird shit go down. It’s also a little graphic in nature. However, the acting, the story, the production, the lines the show pushes – everything all adds up to make an excellent show that’s worth your time.

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