Dynasty’s Sammy Jo Is An Awful, Awful Person

Just for the record, I actually like Rafael de la Fuente, since his days on Empire. However, I really dislike Sammy Jo; which is actually interesting to me, because I usually either like/love a character or will be completely apathetic to them. It’s rare for me to straight up dislike a character. The last two characters I remember disliking are Joffrey from Game Of Thrones who everyone disliked and Jackson on Teen Wolf. Jackson was played by Colton Haynes – who later played Roy Harper on Arrow – so that made me go soft on Jackson when he returned to Teen Wolf.

Anyway, back to Sammy Jo – since his introduction, the character has just rubbed me the wrong. I don’t outrightly hate him, I just really dislike him. And I think part of the reason that I dislike him is because the character could be so much better. Sammy Jo is an outsider, peeking in to the lives of the one percent of the one percent – basically, he’s just like us. At least, he is supposed to be.

But everyday people would not go around behaving the way he does if given the same opportunity he just fell into. He is just all kinds of wrong. He’s lazy, entitled, needlessly conniving. He stole from Steven their first night together. He constantly disrespects Anders, even referring to him as ‘Alfred’. He arranged for the Carringtons, his hosts, to be robbed despite his aunt telling him that she’s taking care of the issue at hand. And then he goes and sleeps with Stephen’s ex…like, W-T-F!!!

Do you see my problem here? Bro, you need to calm down!!! 

I get that drama is necessary to show like this, I’m basically living off Fallon and Cristal’s drama right now, but Sammy Jo’s drama is entirely unnecessary. Abeg, Stephen deserves better than having to deal with Sammy Jo’s thirsty ass. I said what I said.

I think I’m just particularly upset because he has such amazing potential to be an actually interesting character but right now, he’s just forgettable.

Really think about it…If the character was at least down to earth, he would be alot more likeable. (See: Ophelia Pryce on The Royals). TBH, IDGAF. I guess every show needs that character that you just love to hate.

Anyway, Dynasty is still a very fun show to watch. Be sure to check it out.

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