Dynasty: Alexis Brings All The Drama We’ve Been Waiting For

So, I wouldn’t entirely say I love Dynasty, I like it okay – but the reason I tune in religiously every week is for Fallon Carrington. I love her – she’s smart, beautiful, hardworking, relentless and a go-getter; she isn’t without her flaws, but I chose to look past them. I love her enough to have never missed an episode of the Dynasty reboot, even though I’m not plugged into the drama and the plotlines.

I never liked Fallon with Culhane and I never liked her with Jeff Colby (although, I do like her with Liam), so I never really cared about the Culhane Vs Colby drama. Fallon Vs Cristal could have been a storyline I could get behind but the fire behind that dissolved pretty quickly (Cristal is just way too nice). Even all the secrets about Cristal’s past life could not get me intrigued, as with the whole Blake Carrington vs Jeff Colby drama – it simply was not interesting enough. Even with Monica and Jeff’s father, Cecil, involved in the drama, I still wasn’t invested.

From the pilot episode, I was very into Steven and Anders as characters but I find Steven kind of bland  (lit pains me to say it cause I love him) and Anders is not being given enough storylines. There’s also Sammy, who I am finally warming up, but there’s not much there either.

See what I mean? While I like the show enough (I will always tune into every show about the rich and privileged) there isn’t enough to keep me coming back. That is…until Alexis arrived.

I want to be clear, I’m not saying Dynasty was a bad show before, it wasn’t. I just felt it wasn’t living up to its full potential.

I wasn’t sure I would like the Alexis plotline as much as I do now, but she brings out the crazy in Fallon and riles Blake up like you wouldn’t believe. Guys, this is what I’ve been waiting for.

Only Alexis can make Fallon mad enough to fire a gun in a living room full of people. Only Alexis can come between Fallon and Steven; only Alexis’ mere presence can make Blake irrational. What I’m trying to say is, Alexis is what it took to get me invested in Dynasty, finally.

Alexis as a character is okay, she’s not groundbreaking but it’s her influence on the main characters that I just love, she even has sway over Anders. Imagine that. 

I like the fact that she is marvellously petty (she named her dog ‘Cristal’), but beyond that, she is shady AF which I love/hate. Look, I just don’t want her to hurt Steven (I feel very protective of him).

What’s more is that Alexis brought with her one hell of a bombshell, there’s another Carrington child out there, Adam, which I am just freaking out about. See? Super invested. I just want to see how this will turn the Carrington house upside down.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes from here, it has so much potential. I wonder if Cristal is going to wise up and leave Blake – he doesn’t treat her very well and it is unfair of him to hold the money (in the prenup) over her the way he does. Seriously, what more does she need to do to prove that she loves him? Besides, he doesn’t have the same spark for her that he has for Alexis, that one is obvious. While I’m not exactly a Cristal fan, even I know she deserves better.

That being said, if the show is going to keep them together, it should at least make Blake treat her better, that’s all I’m asking.

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