Daniel Craig Returns To Role Of James Bond – Who Didn’t See That Coming?

Remember when Wole Soyinka said he would destroy his green card if Trump won the election, and he actually went through with it?

Well, do you also remember when Daniel Craig said he would rather slit his wrist than play James Bond again? Well, I must say, I remember and I’m fairly disappointed.

But it is official – Daniel Craig will be returning as the titular character in the Bond franchise (sorry, Tom Hiddleston).

But I have a real question, though? I’ve never particularly understood why the producers found it hard to let go of Daniel Craig as James Bond. Is he a good actor, yes; is he a good Bond, also yes – but is he irreplaceable, certainly not. If I remember correctly, his casting was actually met with a lot of skepticism and doubt – and he went on to do a somewhat admirably mediocre job and the franchise still made a lot of millions. *Slow clap*

So I don’t particularly get why the producers are hesitant to replace him, especially since he was vocal about not wanting to come back. Fact is, with a franchise such as this…anyone cast will obviously be met with skepticism, but after the first movie, everyone will forget their initial hesitation. That is exactly what happened with Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spiderman.

The same thing happened with Ben Affleck as the Batman, (resist the urge to make Ben Affleck jokes, resist the urge to make Ben Affleck jokes…moving on) and now, he is widely accepted as Gotham’s vigilante.

Here’s the thing, Craig will now be paid millions of dollars to play a role he doesn’t really want to – when a lesser known, equally qualified actor would have taken home only a fraction of the pay check and then that money could have gone to better use. Be smart, people.

It would make sense if all this wahala was for Sean Connery to return to the Franchise; general consensus has Sean Connery as the best James Bond – I mean, there really is no argument there (fun fact: Sean Connery is actually not the first actor to play the role, that mantle to goes to the often forgotten – and that’s putting it mildly – Barry Nelson). I will sha admit that Pierce Brosnan has a special place in my heart as the ‘roguish spy’. In my defense, he was the first Bond I knew.

In a little bit of interesting news, Christopher Nolan is in talks to direct the new James Bond movie. I’m literally too curious to see what the mind behind Dunkirk, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar and The Prestige brings to the franchise. Expect a lot of ‘darkness’, solemness and undeniable cinematic brilliance.

Bring it! I am ready.

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