‘Dance To My Beat’ Gets An Official Trailer: Seen It Already?

Have you seen the trailer for ‘Dance To My Beat’ yet?

Were you pleased with it?

Personally, I like that the movie has an impressive cast with Kehinde Bankole, Joseph Benjamin, Mary Lazarus, Toyin Abraham, Mary Remmy Njoku, Oma Nnadi and Lilian Afegbai.

Cast aside, I also love the fact that the movie is addressing (in their own way) a very socially relevant topic today – the insane pressure for young adults today to get married.

We get it dear parents, uncles and aunties…you were married by the time you were our age – you even had four children before the pastor finished saying the vows. But please…calm down a little. Pity us small.

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It really doesn’t help that everywhere you look on social media now, your friends or old classmates are getting married left, right and centre. It starts to feel like a competition when it shouldn’t be.

Dance To My Beat, which was directed by Paul Igwe, tells the story of Lamide – an upper class lady who strenuously pressurizes her fiancé, Raymond, to get married ASAP despite the fact that he is a civil servant and not financially stable enough to sustain a marriage. While Raymond wants to marry Lamide, he needs more time to gather resources to make sure she gets the wedding of her dreams.

It really doesnt help when Lamide, who is tired of attending other people’s wedding, manages to convince Raymond to get a load for the wedding. With an idea like that, what could go wrong?

You can watch the trailer for Dance to My Beat here:

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