Brown Eyed Raven: Origin Story

I don’t know when or how it happened but I know why I fell in love with movies. My love for television shows came much later in life, but has proven to be just as profound.

In this era, with the advancements in media, it is easy to understand why anyone would love the entertainment industry and by that I do not mean the gossipy side; delving into celebs and their personal lives. Rather, I’m referring to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ action.

Personally, I’ve been curious about all the stages that are gone through to bring our favourite TV shows and movies to life.

Amazing things are being done in the entertainment industry, more than they have ever been done before; more and more people are being allowed to tell their stories, grander television shows are taking over and more dedication is being given to the plots we’re getting.

Our industry is getting the recognition it deserves around the world and honestly that should be applauded.

For me, anyway, this movie loving life was never about mere curiosity, I used these medium as a type of escape. I always felt weird and different from everyone else around me, I never really met anyone who was like me or who was interested in the things I was into – except as characters on television.

So, I threw myself into that world where my weird habits and interests were accepted and normalised and as a result, I sort of extracted myself from the real world where I was considered something of oddity.

Nowadays, being a nerd or a geek is considered cool and there is more of an acceptance of difference. But that hasn’t always been the case. I can’t complain though, because that exclusion led me to be passionate about something I consider as fundamental to me as my name.

You see, watching movies and television is a lot more than just a way to pass time. The need for escape was and sometimes is still real.

If I am having a bad day, I could watch a comedy and feel light hearted for a little bit. If I am feeling particularly numb for whatever reason, the science fiction and fantasy genres show me worlds of limitless possibilities, where anything and everything is possible.

‘Feeling’ has never come to me naturally but in these cinematic worlds, I was able to get invested in characters, see their development, be happy for their successes and sad for their failures. I know it sounds weird but I mostly learnt to interact with the world around me from seeing characters behind a screen do the same.

There are people out there who don’t think it is ‘just a film’ or ‘just a TV show’ and I’m one of those people. So yes, I throw myself into the rumours about which movies are being made, who is being cast, which TV series is getting a spin off, and who got let go; and to be perfectly honest, it’s all terribly exciting and I’m too eager to share this passion with you.

That is what Brown Eyed Raven is, your very own messenger bird bringing you all the latest deets of the movie world from the eye of a ‘cinemaddict’ –  cinema addict (I made that up, see, I’m an absolute joy).

The view is better from here.

4 thoughts on “Brown Eyed Raven: Origin Story

  1. Amazing! You have such a way with words! Can’t wait to read more of your views and opinions!
    Much love from Kenya.
    Fellow Cinemaddict.

  2. Absolute squnch!!! I love it!!! CINEMADDICT – never saw that coming ??

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